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Application Requirements

Current students meeting the following requirements may apply for the programme:

  1. Sophomore students for both day and night classes, OR
  2. Junior transfer students (Had not before applied for the programme), OR
  3. Minor students from other majors (Not including in-college transfer students, had not before applied for the programme), OR
  4. Sophomore and Junior double major students from other majors (Had not before applied for the programme, permission from the Head of Department required)

Application requirements:

  1. Acquired a Pass (60 marks above, inclusive) in Intermediate Japanese Reading, AND
  2. Acquired a result in JLPT N2 or above (A Pass not required), AND
  3. Without a Japanese citizenship 

JLPT results will be released online by late January annually for a limited period of time, students applying for the programme must acquire a saved copy (via screenshot, etc) of the result shown online as proof of sitting for the exam. No registration are allowed should the student did not acquire a saved copy of JLPT results.