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University-Wide Course Catalog: TKU Course Catalogs

Departmental Course (Required):

A0254 Japanese Conversation (I) (2/2)

A0260 Japanese Language Laboratory Work (I) (1/1)

F0113 Basic Japanese Reading (4/4)

F0114 Basic Japanese Grammar (2/2)

A0178 Japanese Writing (I) (2/2)

A0255 Japanese Conversation (II) (2/2)

A0261 Japanese Language Laboratory Work (II) (1/1)

F0115 Intermediate Japanese Reading (4/4)

F0116 Intermediate Japanese Grammar (2/2)

A0179 Japanese Writing (II) (2/2)

A0197 Selected Reading in Japanese Literature (I) (2/2)

A0256 Japanese Conversation (III) (2/2)

A0565 Advanced Japanese (2/2)

A0939 Japanese Translation (2/2)

A1107 Japanese Conversation (IV)/Japanese Conversation (IV)-for Intern (2/2)

A1757 Applied Japanese/Applied Japanese-for Intern (2/0)

F0270 Guidance for Bachelor Thesis/Guidance for Bachelor Thesis-for Intern (1/1)

F1032 Business Japanese Writing/Business Japanese Writing-for Intern (0/2)


Core Curriculum(Link to TKU Center for General Education and Core Curriculum )

Campus and Community Service-Learning(Link to TKU Office of Military Education and Training )

Physical Education(Link to Office of Physical Education )

Foreign Students do not need to take “All-Out Defense Education Military Training”(0/0) course.