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(轉知)日本法政大學2024 「Intensive Japanese Language & Culture Program」活動

  • 2023/09/13
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  • 刊登人員:伍 助教



Program Description:


Schedule: January 15, 2024, to January 26, 2024


Program Information: Please refer to the official website: http://www.global.hosei.ac.jp/en/programs/jlp/winter/


Program Fee: 140,000 Japanese Yen (Includes accommodation and extracurricular fees; students are responsible for handling international transfer fees, meal expenses, airfare, insurance fees, and other personal expenses. Airfare and insurance must be purchased separately.)


Number of Participants: A total of 40. If there are too many applicants, the university will run a lottery.


Eligibility: Enrolled students at Tamkang University

(六)JASSO獎學金:GPA 2.3/3.0以上者,有機會獲得補助80,000日幣。(本校GPA滿分為4.0,請參考官網說明換算GPA。)

JASSO Scholarship: Students with a GPA of 2.3/3.0 or higher have the opportunity to receive a grant of 80,000 Japanese Yen. (Our university's GPA scale is out of 4.0; please refer to the official website for GPA conversion details.)


If you’re interested in the program, please complete the following by October 6, 2023:


Fill out the on-campus activity registration form.


Complete the online registration on the university's website


Send your scanned passport and English version of your transcripts (please apply for these at the administrative building) to Jacob’s email address: Jacob Chan : 605750@o365.tku.edu.tw


If you have any questions about the program, please contact the coordinator at Hosei University: jlp@ml.hosei.ac.jp



國際長 葉劍木